Predator Hunts

Predator hunting in its entirety within the nation, has grown as quick as any other pursuable species in North America, if not quicker.

Nebraska is the most incredible place to pursue these predators and be successful while pursuing them. With Nebraska having a greater population in number of beef cattle, rather than number of people, deer and turkey populations at an all-time state high, predator hunting at a low, our predators thrive in their own mecca and have a buffet style meal every time they go on the hunt for food.

All these facts add up to some ultimate coyote, bobcat, and raccoon hunting within Nebraska borders! As a trophy deer, turkey, and antelope Outfitter, we need to limit these pesky critters to a minimum number per property.
As an outfitter, we take our predator hunting as serious as we take harvesting only mature deer, antelope or turkey during the hunt. By minimizing the population of predators on our properties we help maximize the population of big game and turkey.

2 Hunter minimum required to book.

Nebraska Predator Hunting Gallery