About Us

If you’re interested in Hunting Nebraska or Kansas, you have come to the right place and we want to welcome you to our Companies Website!  Our Families roots run deep in the State of Nebraska & Kansas & we would love for you to come out to one of our Hunting Camps & experience the endless opportunities we can offer a single Individual or Cooperate Group.
Take your time, view what we have to offer, and never hesitate to reach out to Jorden or Cody with any questions about our hunting packages!
All the photos and hunts offered on this website are testaments of the beauty that Nebraska & Kansas behold and the hard work we put in to provide our clients with memorable & successful hunts. It is also the great area our family has been blessed with and able to call our home for the past 80 years.

The Herman Kuck (pronounced cook) Family has raised four generations of hardworking & dedicated families off their Gosper County, Nebraska farmstead since being purchased in 1936.  Located in the middle of the Countries top beef & corn producing region, life in this area consists of a hardy farming & ranching lifestyle.  This area of Nebraska is like most areas & littered with hundreds of thousands of acres of assorted crop fields, beef cattle feed yards, & pasture lands filled with thousands of head of cow/calf pairs.  With having the farming & ranching backgrounds they’ve always had, the Kuck’s have also carried a strong passion for the hunting, fishing, &  outdoor lifestyle between all members of the family.  From day one the Kuck family has been living off the land in their hometown of Bertrand, Nebraska farming and ranching for a living while hunting and fishing every chance possible when the work was done.  

Upon graduating Bertrand High School in 2006, Cody Kuck (4th generation) was looking to find his calling in life and looking for something on the outside of the farm & ranch.  The farming & ranching would always be there within the family but Cody knew he needed to add some diversity into the farms income and find another Trade to learn in life.  After looking for some time, Cody found a Hunting Guide school based out of Cripple Creek, Colorado and attended the summer of 2007.  In September 2007 Cody graduated with Top Honors in his class and was ready to get into the work force.  Fall of 2007 he was employed by Jim Sanchez of Eagle Spirit Outfitters located out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Cody happily Guided for the Sanchez family for four fall elk seasons while all at the same time Founding Heartland Pride Outfitters in Nebraska January of 2008.  Cody would Guide for Eagle Spirit during their elk, mule deer, and black bear seasons then turn around and go home and Guide whitetail and pheasant hunters until Nebraska’s seasons closed.

While entering into the Guiding Career, best friend Jorden Schwarz quickly joined Cody in their efforts to create a dependable Outfitting Service based out of their home town in Bertrand, Nebraska.  Since 2008, Heartland Pride Outfitters has naturally grown through hard work, trusting relationships with landowners & customers, and a never give up attitude.  Together, Jorden & Cody have been able to expand the Outfitting Operations into two separate camps in Nebraska & another two camps in Kansas.

Both the Kuck & Schwarz Families continue to reside in Bertrand, Nebraska Guiding in numerous Counties throughout both Nebraska & Kansas while farming & ranching too.